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Re: [virt-tools-list] KVM Live Migration

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> From: "Mike Hall" <MHall astc nt gov au>
> To: "virt-tools-list redhat com" <virt-tools-list redhat com>
> Sent: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 7:18:07 PM
> Subject: [virt-tools-list] KVM Live Migration
> We have the following test environment:
> 2 x CentOS 5.5 KVM virtual hosts
> 2 x CentOS 5.5 network storage boxes with NFS shares on LVs on DRBD
> (primary/secondary, no HA, just replication).
> We have installed a Win7 guest which can be live migrated almost
> instantly between hosts using Virt Manager (or virsh). The problem is
> that the guest does not retain its running state after migration, but
> instead arrives on the new host in "reboot after unclean shutdown"
> mode (Windows Error Recovery page on screen), asking how we would like
> to reboot the guest (Safe Mode, normal, etc).

Are the hosts "compatible" ?
eg. what hardware are they running - are there issue with compatibility between then CPUs -eg. does host A have a newer cpu (with newer features) than host b ?

> The migrated machine also loses IP connectivity (static IP) upon
> migration to new host, but regains it on migration back to original
> host.

> So, live migration in this case isn't producing the expected results
> (a running, usable guest).
> Same results using "migrate offline" and pausing the machine before
> migration.
> What could we be doing wrong?
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