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Re: [virt-tools-list] KVM Live Migration

> We use the same basic software here.  The only difference being that we
> use iscsi targets for each VM, instead of one big iscsi pool, or NFS.

We've successfully tested iSCSI as storage as well, and may use it for data storage.
Our understanding is that live migration of guests is better on NFS than iSCSI.

> Our live migrates of all types of Linux hosts seem to work well.

That's good to hear. Either we're doing something wrong our our test host hardware is incompatible.

> One issue with Windows is that APIC events are not handled at all unless
> a user is logged in.
> So for windows, test your live migrate with a user logged in, and see if
> it processes the pause event properly.

Just tried migrating with user logged in - still arrived on new host in unclean-shutdown-reboot state.

Will try experimenting with noapic boot parameters and similar.


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