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[virt-tools-list] virt-manager and remote managedsave


I've just updated virt-manager to version 0.8.5 (on F13, from the
virt-preview repo). Reading the chagelog, I see that virt-manager now
supports managedsave.

I use virt-manager to control a remote libvirt using qemu+ssh (remote
libvirt is version 0.8.3 running on a CentOS 5.5 x86_64).

I was surprised to see an error message when trying to save a VM:
"Saving virtual machines over remote connections is not supported with
this libvirt version or hypervisor."

I understand why the old save function wasn't available for remote
connections, but I don't see any reason for managedsave.

So, I've looked in the engine.py file and saw this check (lines

        if managed and conn.is_remote():
            self.err.val_err(_("Saving virtual machines over remote "
                               "connections is not supported with this "
                               "libvirt version or hypervisor."))

I just tried to comment this block, and now, I can save my VM, even over
a remote connection. Everything is working fine.

So I'm wondering, what's the goal of this check ?

If managedsave is supported, I don't see any difference between a local
and a remote connection.

If someone has the answer....

Regards, Daniel

Daniel Berteaud
Société de Services en Logiciels Libres
Technopôle Montesquieu
Tel : 05 56 64 15 32
Fax : 05 56 64 15 32
Mail: daniel firewall-services com
Web : http://www.firewall-services.com

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