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Re: [virt-tools-list] VM grouping

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On 09/09/10 20:00, Phil Meyer wrote:
>  On 09/09/2010 10:58 AM, Zdenek Styblik wrote:
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>> Hello everyone,
>> this is my first post to this list, so I'm not sure if it's even
>> appropriate.
>> ...
>> I've also noticed that virt-manager doesn't refresh remote
>> configuration. If I change something at remote host, virt-manager
>> doesn't reflect such changes; not even after disconnect/connect nor
>> "restart" nor remote libvirtd restart. Is there some way how to enforce
>> such synchronization? To be true, I've failed to locate cached (local)
>> configs, at least I believe it would help to delete these files. May be
>> I'm wrong.
>> Why would I edit something by hand, in case somebody asks? Because I've
>> failed achieve to do something via GUI. But may be I'm doing something
>> wrong - doing this wrong. Please, I'm newbie to this thing; don't kill
>> me.
>> As the very last thing, I'm ... I like virt-manager. Good work and keep
>> it up. If there is anything, except money, I could possibly help with,
>> I'm willing to learn Python (seriously) ;) I'm just hyped-over
>> virt-manager and libvirt.
> Virt-manager does auto update from remote hosts.
> If you want to edit configs by hand, use: virsh edit <domain>
> virsh edit will signal libvirtd to re-read the config file you just
> edited, and virt-manager running on a remote host can get the update.
> Also, most edits will not take effect until the VM is rebooted.
> For instance:
> You want to increase memory in a VM.
> # virsh setmem 008065-aberrate.com 1024000
> This changes the running VM (if certain conditions are met), but does
> NOT change the config file.
> # virsh edit 008065-aberrate.com
>    [change the currentMemory value to 102400]
> This changes the config, but does not impact the running VM until the
> next reboot.
> Good luck!.
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Hello Phil,

thank you for your reply.

I didn't know about % virsh edit; and I'm going to look into it. Still,
it's quite simpler to edit files directly by % vim; in one hand and
documentation in the other hand.

I've actually had troubles with setting up network eg. DHCP and static
hosts (and I've actually solved it with ISC's DHCPd) or storage, I
think. I mean, not exactly VM settings, although there might have been a
few - as I recall, probably VNC password or something :)

Ok, I'm going to look at it.


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