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[virt-tools-list] Best way to backup my VMs


I'm slowly upgrading the virtualization infrastructure in the company I work for (a local SMB, in Brazil's northeast), from old Xen vms to upgraded KVM machines. At this moment, we already have important systems, like our proxy and our credit-card processing machine, running in production with KVM for about 60 days. We are just a few weeks away to delete our last xen machine, and be running only KVM guests in our servers.

Our old backup solution - not implemented by me - consists in rsync the xen VM disk images every night in other servers, while the zen VMs still running. I don't think it's a safe backup, and the only time I needed to restore a backup made this way, the restored machine suffered data corruption, mailboxes were lost (!!!).

So I see this migration from xen to KVM as an opportunity to put some decent backup running here. And I need suggestions. =]

Is it possible to "pause" a machine with a simple command, rsync the machine's HD image in other computer and then safelly resume the machine? Is it necessary to shut down the virtual machine, in order to make this backup?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion, and sorry about my broken english. ;D

Bruno Menezes

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