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[virt-tools-list] Libosinfo 0.0.3

Libosinfo 0.0.3 is out!

Changes since 0.0.2:

- Add lots of more data on various different OSs out there. Now we also support
  some Apple OSs.
- On successful OS detection, inform the application which known media of the OS
  the given media matched against. osinfo-detect tool and udev rule updated to
  make us of this.
- Support applications' right to not be interested in error details.
- Minor fixes/improvements to OS detection logic.
- API to indicate media is live and/or installer.
- Don't match non-live Fedora ISOs against live ones.
- Fixes to Python demo to make it work.
- Fix some potential crashes.
- Fixes to RPM spec file.
- Distribute RPM spec file.
- Complement some getters with corresponding gobject properties.
- Few other random minor fixes.

WARNING: This release (slightly) breaks API with the last one.

What is libosinfo?

libosinfo is a GObject based library API for managing information about
operating systems, hypervisors and the (virtual) hardware devices they can
support. It includes a database containing device metadata and provides APIs
to match/identify optimal devices for deploying an operating system on a
hypervisor. Via the magic of GObject Introspection, the API is available in all
common programming languages with demos for javascript (GJS/Seed) and python
(PyGObject). Also provided are Vala bindings.

libosinfo is Free Software and licenced under LGPLv2+.

The latest official releases can be found at:



- Required:
  - gobject-2.0
  - gio-2.0
  - libxml-2.0

- Optional:
  - gobject-introspection
  - Vala (build-time only)

For further information about libosinfo please consult the project



Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
FSF member#5124

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