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[virt-tools-list] virt-install --prompt

We would like to establish a guest hosting set up so we can implement a rich
media hosting environment. Would like to host ubuntu so we can install
the plex adaptive bitrate server. Would like to host Windows 7 media
center with hdcp playback. Maybe Lion for other media services.

Will the virt implementation work for these guests? Where is good
documentation to be found for configuring and setting up guests. We
looked at the site http://virt-manager.org/screenshots.html and it leads
one to believe you can use virt-manager but we found no way to create a
new guest system with it. We found another site that said to run
virt-install --prompt and answer the prompts. It asked for the guest
name and memory size and the aborted.

Last we tried:
virt-install --livecd --cdrom=ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso
--os-type=linux --hvm --noreboot --name=ubuntu --ram=6000 --disk

It created a guest which would not run. It complains that the iso is not
writable. We want to host this on Fedora 16.

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