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[virt-tools-list] How can I run virt-manager 0.8.5 and 0.8.6 at the same system?


I was facing (still facing, actually) some problems to migrate my VMs on virt-manager 0.8.5 and virsh, so I downloaded and manually compiled virt-manager 0.8.6. I considered this new version way better than 0.8.5, except of course that the running VMs are automatically opened when I open virt-manager, but it looks like this issue will stop in next version. Cool. =D

But today I noticed that I'm not able to run (not even install) windows 2003 VMs. LOL
I create the machine, boot the install cd, format the disk, and the machine goes down unexpectedly. Fedora gives me some crach report, saying that some kernel crach happened. Then I turn the VM on again, but the disk image isn't bootable, and if I try to run the win2003 install CD again, it crashes again, same way.

So I was thinking "well, it could be something different in 2.6.35 kernel (I was running 2.6.32 before) or in virt-manager 0.8.6. Why not trying to run virt-manager 0.8.5 again?"

Sorry again for my broken english. I'm watching californication every week to improve it. =D

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