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Re: [virt-tools-list] [libvirt-users] store vm xml files in another directory

On Wed, 9 Feb 2011 14:08:15 -0500, Kenneth Armstrong wrote:

Here's my latest thoughts on how to do this:

With 2 nodes, and using the Red Hat Cluster suite to fence the two
hosts, and all vm disk images stored on shared storage (for example,
an iSCSI LUN) that both hosts will have access to, and using a GFS2
formatted partition on each node.  Also, using Bind Mounts to mount
/etc/libvirt/qemu onto the GFS2 partition so that the vm xml files
will be sync'ed up between both hosts.

Does that make sense?  Or would their be something simpler to try?

Why do you need shared copies of the xml?

I've got a shared GFS2 file system for the VM image files, using rmganager to manage the VMs and have the xml defined statically in the libvirtd instances on the cluster members. If/when I change something in terms of the VM definition on one cluster member, I "# virsh dumpxml <vm> > ./vm.xml" and "# virsh define" it on the other members. Same UUID for the VMs on all cluster members.

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