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Re: [virt-tools-list] question about clustering

On Thursday 2011-02-17, Kenneth Armstrong wrote:
> Ok, that's a bigger question than I thought.  We have quite a few
> Windows servers that will be vm's, and well, Windows tends to get
> restarted a lot for updates, etc.  This is something we'll have to
> test once we get the deployment going.

In case you reboot OS inside the vm, qemu will restart almost instantly thus 
in most cases nothing bad will come from it. However, it is possible to get 
rgmanager check your virtual machine in the momemnt it's still down.

> One final question for this thread:
> Will virt-manager eventually become a cluster aware application?  If
> not, will there be an option in virt-manager in the future to not
> autostart vm's after they have been created, so as not to confuse the
> cluster suite?

I would like to add one more question to this thread:
Could virt-manger get support for command line option for configuration 
directory for VMs (their xml files) so that one could manage configuration 
of transient VMs?

Josip Deanovic

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