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Re: [virt-tools-list] ANNOUNCE: virt-viewer 0.3.0 release with SPICE !

I am running RHEL6 with virt-manager 0.8.6, spice-gtk-0.5, libvirt 0.8.7, my WinXP KVM is configured to
use qxl and spice server.

I dowloaded virt-viewer 0.3.0 and compiled against spice-gtk, however I am not able to use virt-viewer.

virsh -c qemu:///system start Windows_XP_Virtual_Client_for_Linux_KVM
virt-viewer -c qemu:///system ${UUID}

I get a unknown graphic type for the guest UUID.

Opening with virt-manager works, am I missing something?

On 02/21/2011 01:48 PM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
I am please to announce that a virt-viewer release version 0.3.0 is
now available:


In this release

   - Add support for SPICE graphics client
   - Allow connections to VNC server over UNIX sockets
   - Improve error messages on auth/connection failure
   - Add support for zoom levels
   - Many updated translations

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release through patches,
translations, bug reports, testing, etc.

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