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[virt-tools-list] Question on host/guest management ...


I was looking at replacing vmware in our appliance with kvm and wanted to get a feel for some
of the utilities vmware provides that I will need to have equivalent function in kvm/qemu environment.

I had a few question, and was looking at some help/pointers to investigate further:

1. How to send log files to host log? I can use syslog for event reporting, but is there a way, I can moveĀ  a file from guest to host?
2. guest to host communication - logging messages (probably to appear in a host log file), providing guest information like guest name, IP address etc
3. Is there a way for the host to execute programs/scripts in guest? Looking for things like power down of guest
4. Is there a way to have heartbeat message between host and guest?
5. Way for host to find the process and network information about the guest
6. how to find "hostid" of the guest in host?

I see that application like virt-* rjones hat com has developed will be helpful for me.

Any pointers/suggestions you can provide will be really helpful.

Thanks much

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