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[virt-tools-list] virt-manager, port for FreeBSD

Hello All,

I was hoping I could have some information cleared up for the dependencies
for virt-manager, as I have ported this to FreeBSD. I've also ported
virtinst to FreeBSD, as well
According to the dependencies listed on the web page we have the below:

Virtual Machine Manager has the following dependencies

python >= 2.4 - virt-manager is written in Python!
pygtk2 >= 1.99.12-6 - the Python GTK2 bindings are used for the UI
gnome-python2-gconf >= 1.99.11-7 - GConf stores application preferences
libvirt-python >= 0.4.0 - libVirt is for talking to Xen, QEMU, KVM and other
virtualization backensd
dbus-python >= 0.61 - optionally expose a service on the bus for control of
the UI
gnome-python-desktop >= 2.15.4 - optionally store VNC server passwords in GNOME keyring
libxml2-python >= 2.6.23 - used to parse XML from libvirt
vte >= 0.12.2 - for displaying / interacting with the serial console
virtinst >= 0.300.3 - python library for assisting in creating VMs
gtk-vnc-python >= 0.3.4 - GTK widget for displaying VNC sessions

Is gnome-python-desktop a requirement if you don't want Gnome Keyring, or if
you don't want Gnome Keyring, are neither required?

And in the spec file, there are additional requirements listed:

# Required for loading the glade UI
Requires: pygtk2-libglade
# Required for our graphics which are currently SVG format
Requires: librsvg2

Are these in the rpm still a requirement?

I've also found that urlgrabber (python module), is also a requirement, but
not listed anywhere.

Thanks so much!

Jason Helfman
System Administrator
E4AD 7CF1 1396 27F6 79DD  4342 5E92 AD66 8C8C FBA5

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