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[virt-tools-list] Ubuntu grub-pc package needs virtio block s/n support


If you look at the libvirt wiki page:


You see:
    If present, this specify serial number of virtual hard drive. For example, it may look as <serial>WD-WMAP9A966149</serial>. Since 0.7.1 ''

Where "serial" is not RS232 or anything tty-related it's a "serial number" on a virtio disk.

If you look at LP: #604355 here:


You see that you cannot successfully run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" because there is a postinst script inside that package that depends on there being entries under /dev/disk/by-id for the drives to select to offer to have grub2 installed on.

Because udev uses disk serial numbers to populate /dev/disk/by-id not setting the serial number is fatal to the operation of the script inside that package.

There are probably other reasons for wanting to set the serial number on a virtio block device one but that's my biggest issue.

I'll file a formal request via

but I wanted to give a quick notification about this.


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