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Re: [virt-tools-list] live migration without shared storage problems.

于 2011年10月26日 22:22, Luengffy XUE 写道:

Hi, all
I migrate a vm from source host to the destination host. 
I am sure every part is ok for migration.

1   Create the  image in the destination and change the user and group.
2   Open TCP socket in the destination host. 

and I migrate in the source host command line.   
$ virsh migrate --live --copy-storage-all vmubuntu  qemu+ssh://destinationHost/system --verbose
But I get the  error
"error: operation failed : failed to retrieve chardev info inqemu with 'info chardev'" 

Looks like you even failed on starting the domain. Could you confirm if you
guest is actually running well?

In the destination I find in the vmubuntu.log  
The error is 
"Migration failed. Exit code tcp:,exiting."

What can I do to solve it ? 
I do not understand how the error comes.
Anyone can help me ?
Thanks in advance. 

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