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[virt-tools-list] Windows 7 don't boot in KVM on Fedora 15


I have a problem with KVM and I didn't find a solution on web. So I'd be
glad for any help.

I have installed KVM on Fedora 15 and then I installed Windows 7 into KVM
using graphical virtual manager. The installation succeeded but W7 don't
boot after it. I see SeaBIOS screen and then only black window with cursor
blinking at top left corner.

I tried to change various VM settings (ACPI, graphics, IDE/SCSI, none of it

I have the same problem when I take working image of W7 from VMWare player
- only black screen with cursor.

When I run it from command line with -no-kvm option, W7 boots, but its
slowness is a pain.
When I run it without -no-kvm I get following error:
	# qemu-kvm -cpu kvm32 -drive file=Windows_7.img,boot=on -net \
	nic,macaddr=00:0c:29:3a:c0:a8 -uuid \

	kvm: vm entry failed with error 0x80000021

	If you're runnning a guest on an Intel machine without
	unrestricted mode support, the failure can be most likely
	due to the guest entering an invalid state for Intel VT.
	For example, the guest maybe running in big real mode
	which is not supported on less recent Intel processors.

	kvm_run returned -22

I suppose I have very recent Intel processor (i7) with HW virtualization
support. And I get this error regardless of cpu type (qemu32, qemu64,
kvm32, kvm64, host, phenom, Nehalem, ...)

So I suspect the W7 installation was run with -no-kvm option (it was very
very slow) but then W7 is booted without this option.

My HW:
Notebook HP Pavilion dv7
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz, quad core, HT, x64
4 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce GT 230M 1 GB RAM, HD 640 GB

Installed SW:
Fedora 15, kernel

W7 never worked for me in KVM (from F14), so I used VMWare, but sometimes
there was a problem with module compilation (especially when there were
changes in kernel header files).

Regards, Martin

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