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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-manager and iSCSI

Well bad news - it does not recognize the disk at boot time.

It appears to be connected to the VM just fine but the console says :

Booting from Hard Disk
Boot from Hard Disk failed : could not read the boot disk
FATAL: no bootable device

So I removed it from the GUI and go to add it back and same thing.  When I add it back I navigate to /dev/disk/by-path and see it there, but I also see 3 partition in addition to the whole drive.   And I just add the whole drive.

It works fine on VBox on a different physical server - been running there for weeks.

I guess my next step is to create another iSCSI disk on my ZFS appliance and try to do a fresh Ubuntu install from there.  In a pinch if that works I can reconfigure it quickly to match the server I'm trying to bring up now, since there is not much config done on it yet.  But of course it would be much cleaner if I could just bring up the existing disk with the existing Ubuntu Installation.

Any clues how to debug the above?  I went into the ZFS appliance and don't see anything obvious there like restricting access to specific IPs or whatever.

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