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[virt-tools-list] [PATCH libosinfo 0/3] Support for network install trees

We currently have a <media> element for identifying ISO
install media. Many distros also provide online install
trees, or sysadmin have locally hosted install trees (often
from the mounted ISO media). We want to be able to handle
install trees, and optionally detect their distro

This series adds support for install trees via a new <tree>
element. From experiance with virt-install auto-detecting
the OS from an install tree is rather hard. The only distros
we can reliably do it for are Fedora/RHEL derivatives which
publish a '.treeinfo' file with metadata about the OS.

virt-install has a bunch of evil hacks for trying to detect
other distros based on existance of certain filenames.

This series only supports auto-detection for distros which
can do a .treeinfo file. I'm not intending to support
the other virt-install hacks.

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