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[virt-tools-list] virt-p2v competitor?


There's a cloud hosting vendor pitching my boss the idea that a diverse,
interrelated group of our systems (currently running various flavors of OSX,
Linux and Windows both virtualized - KVM and VMware - and not) can be
instantly, painlessly uploaded to their cloud via "on-boarding" software
from River Meadow Networks. I check their site
(http://www.rivermeadownetworks.com/) and they're claiming (very vaguely) to
be able to import in a way that is "non-intrusive" with no requirement for
"installing agents" or shutting down systems for snapshots, to KVM, Windows
Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix....

Now, having followed the work on virt-p2v here, my first reaction is that
what they're claiming is (1) really difficult, (2) years beyond the current
state of the art, and (3) would require massive security vulnerabilities in
each of the platforms they're claiming they can magically, near-instantly,
and in running state, import.

They call their "on-boarding" product Shaman and credit its engineering to
Anil Varkhedi. Has anyone heard of or had any experience with Shaman? Has
anyone tested it? From an engineering prospective, is what they're claiming
for it feasible?


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