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Re: [virt-tools-list] [PATCH libosinfo 0/7] Automated install script handling

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 03:26:16PM +0000, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> The new OsinfoInstallConfig class provides the configurable parameters
> that can be subsituted into the install scripts. This includes hardware
> properties (architecture), localization (timezone, language, keyboard),
> admin details (password), user details (login name, password, autologin
> flag, etc) and registration details (product key, user login & password).

One of the challenges of this is that the values for certain config
fields are essentially "enums", but each OS uses its own strings or
numbers. eg, timezone, language & keyboard are all essentially enums.

With this current patchset the app/user needs to provide the config
values for these fields in the OS-specific format. My intention is
that we define a set of standardized strings can be be used, which
will get auto-converted to the native strings.


   // Use the Windows specific format:
   osinfo_install_config_set_l10n_keyboard(config, "United Kingdom");

   // Use the libosinfo standard format
   osinfo_install_config_set_l10n_keyboard(config, "libosinfo:uk");
   // Or equivalently:
   osinfo_install_config_set_l10n_keyboard(config, OSINFO_INSTALL_CONFIG_L10N_KEYBOARD_UK);

Again I intend for the mapping data to be part of the database, eg

   <mapping id="http://microsoft.com/mapping/keyboard";>
      <key name="uk">United Kingdom</key>

And then you can reference this from the <install-script> elements

  <install-script id="http://microsoft.com/install/sif";>
     <mapping config="l10n-keyboard" id="http://microsoft.com/mapping/keyboard"/>

  <install-script id="http://microsoft.com/install/unattend";>
     <mapping config="l10n-keyboard" id="http://microsoft.com/mapping/keyboard"/>

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