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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-install --prompt

On 12/23/2011 12:39 AM, David Highley wrote:
> We would like to establish a guest hosting set up so we can implement a rich
> media hosting environment. Would like to host ubuntu so we can install
> the plex adaptive bitrate server. Would like to host Windows 7 media
> center with hdcp playback. Maybe Lion for other media services.
> Will the virt implementation work for these guests?

Not for Lion, since OSX isn't generally virtualizable. Rest should work.

Where is good
> documentation to be found for configuring and setting up guests. We
> looked at the site http://virt-manager.org/screenshots.html and it leads
> one to believe you can use virt-manager but we found no way to create a
> new guest system with it.

virt-manager can definitely create new VMs. There is a 'new' button on the
main screen of the app. What is the exact problem you are having?

We found another site that said to run
> virt-install --prompt and answer the prompts. It asked for the guest
> name and memory size and the aborted.

virt-install --prompt is only passingly maintained, I wouldn't recommend using
it. But I'm curious what error you are getting anyways.

> Last we tried:
> virt-install --livecd --cdrom=ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso
> --os-type=linux --hvm --noreboot --name=ubuntu --ram=6000 --disk
> path=/export/home1/virtual_guest/ubuntu,size=40
> It created a guest which would not run. It complains that the iso is not
> writable. We want to host this on Fedora 16.

Is virt-install printing an error to the command line or is that error coming
from inside the guest? Either way, please provide the exact error message.


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