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[virt-tools-list] virt-install patch: get default options from config file

Hi all,

I have made a patch to virt-install so that it can read default parameters from config file if none are provided from the command line (github link is provided below).


This gives users ability to create site-defaults (like install location, disk size, virt-type) without specifying them from the command-line every time.

I think this is a solid feature. In my field i see a lot of virt-install powerusers create their own shell-script wrappers for this purpose.

Below is an example of a configuration file that might be well suited for a stock rhel/fedora machine.

Kind regards,
Pall Sigurdsson

# Default configuration parameters for virt-install
# Options specified from the command-line will override these.

# Memory (--ram) set default to 1024MB
memory		1024

# Disk (--disk) by default create a 10GB disk in default storage pool
diskopts	pool=default,size=10

# Network (--network) by default create one nic on default network
#network		network=virbr0

# Use kvm virtualization by default
hv_type		kvm

# Default install location
location	http://fedora.is/fedora/releases/16/Fedora/x86_64/os/

# Extra options --extra
#extra		ks=http://url.to/mykickstart.ks 


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