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Re: [virt-tools-list] [libvirt-users] I can't virt-clone into an existing LVM now (ERROR: clone onto existing storage volume is not supported:) - i could in previous lbvirt versions? (deployment scripts no longer work...)


I was under the impression that virt-clone would create new UUId,s etc
where as virt-resize doesn't ?

All I am trying to do is use a VM (in LVM) as a template to use to clone .

The templates are only about 3GB - so to deploy the template I need to
resize them.

This is why i did this

TEMPLATE -> [virt-clone] -> new_vm.tmp  (to create new UUIDs , etc)

new_vm.tmp -> [virt-clone] -> new_vm (a clone of the vm with new uuids
- this creates .xml for qemu, etc, correct name . etc)

new_vm.tmp -> [virt-resize] -> new_vm  - new vm has correct partition size.

If there is a more sensible way of doing this I would like to know !

Anyway is there a way of forcing being able to copy to an existing LVM
partition ??  As mentioned I could do it fine in Ubuntu 10.04 not
12.04 - i.e do I need to recompile libvirt, etc ?

Any help will be welcomed

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