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Re: [virt-tools-list] Connect virt-viewer to VM on remote host?

If that really is the URL you used, then you're missing the '/system'
part of the end ie you need


NB, this is assuming you've configured TLS & 
What is "TLS &" ?  I tried this:

virt-viewer --connect qemu://hostname/system virtname

which gave me a popup saying "Unable to connect Unable to connect to libvirt with URI qemu://..."

Already verified that firewall is off on the host (it's Arch Linux).
Is there something else to do to permit connection like this?  I've
also tried by VM number (there's only 1 right now) and UUID, same
results.  I can reach the host by GUI through virt-manager very
well, working very nicely with sound and everything.
If you look at the connection details in virt-manager, it should tell
you the full URI it used - use exactly the same URI with virt-viewer.
I tried to find connection details in virt-manager, could not.  Where is this to be found?

Jonathan E. Brickman
Ponderworthy Music
805 SW Jewell Ave
Topeka KS 66606-1610
jeb ponderworthy com

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