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Re: [virt-tools-list] Connect virt-viewer to VM on remote host?

If you look at the connection details in virt-manager, it should tell
you the full URI it used - use exactly the same URI with virt-viewer.
I tried to find connection details in virt-manager, could not.
Where is this to be found?
In the main virt-manager screen, highlight your connection and use
the menu bar  Edit -> Connection Details.  On the 'Overview' tab
in the dialog that pops up the first line shows 'Connection: [YOUR URI]'

Finally got some time.  It says "Connection:" is "qemu:///system", and gives the LAN-local hostname.  I tried:


and then within a ssh +X IP session


All of them failed the same way, with a popup reading "Cannot find guest domain...". 

Jonathan E. Brickman
Ponderworthy Music
805 SW Jewell Ave
Topeka KS 66606-1610
jeb ponderworthy com

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