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[virt-tools-list] how to convert virtualbox vm instance to kvm instance, and then run kvm instance under virt-manager?

dear virt-manager team,

i have some applications (e.g. web hosting system and VOIP telephony system) installed in the virtualbox vm instances (with bridged adapter for networking), but since i set up the opennebula cloud system with kvm hypervisor, i have been trying to migrate these virtualbox vm instances to under kvm hypervisor. i run "qemu-img convert virtualboximage.vdi -O qcow2 kvmimage.qcow" to get vm instance under kvm hypervisor. but when i tried to use virt-manager (corresponding to virtualbox) to import the kvmimage.qcow (as the virtualboximage.vdi in the virtualbox) and configure everything for the kvmimage.qcow vm instance, and then run this vm instance under virt-manager, it is unbootable. the attached file is the screenshot when this vm instance is booting.

it is much appreciated if anyone can let me know the correct procedure to convert the virtualbox vm instance to kvm vm instance, to import the disk image to virt-manager, to configure this vm instance in the virt-manager, to make it starts successfully and networking access correctly as well.

david su

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