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Re: [virt-tools-list] [PATCH virt-viewer 0/7] RFC: read session parameters from file


----- Mensaje original -----
> Hi,
> Set looks good to me overall. Only thing I'm wondering is why have
> VirtViewerFile in virt-viewer and not make it a SpiceFile and put it
> in spice-client-glib ?
> The main advantage I can think of for having it in virt-viewer
> would be making vnc connections in a similar way, but you don't
> add that in the current patch set, do you plan to add this later?

Eventually, yeah. I think it would make sense for example if we want the same settings to apply to VNC or RDP connections (there is no RDP support yet in virt-viewer, but it should be trivial to add with freerdp and git://git.gnome.org/gb-rdp). I think that could be beneficial overall for RHEVM/ovirt.

I actually started with a SpiceFile approach (for which I have a patch ready if you want ;), then I realized that 1/3 of the fields are related to the client only (key bindings, fullscreen state, title), and the rest could be reused for other protocols. Also it is easy to place that above spice-gtk, so it seems cleaner not to put it in the same library.

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