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Re: [virt-tools-list] IPv6 and DHCPv6 support

On 11/02/2012 12:17 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> Virt-manager lacks support for DHCPv6 and some other aspects of IPv6.  If you
> want the following entered into bugzilla, I will do so but I thought that
> something to the list first might help.
> DHCPv6 support is in the process of being added to libvirt.  The update is
> pretty much complete and lack some additional testing I want to do and plus
> updating the documentation so that folks will know how to use it.

Hi Gene, thanks for the info. Please file bugs about any issues you hit so
they are at least tracked.

> 1.  There is a lack of communication between what virsh net-* does and
> virt-manager.  If virsh makes changes, the old values remain with virt-manager.

Can you give an example? Do you mean state changes or XML changes?

> 2.  If virsh is used to add a IPv6 dhcp-range to a network definition,
> virt-manager appears to get completely confused about that device ... it
> should at least tolerate it!

Agreed, any issues like that should be fixed ASAP and I'm willing to help.

> 3.  I should be able to specify an IPv6 (gateway) address with VM.
> 4. I should be able to create a virtual network with either IPv6 or IPv4 or
> both defined.
> 5. I should be able to specify a dhcp-range for an IPv6 subnet.

These feature requests are good to track, but honestly they won't likely ever
get done unless someone steps up to work on them. I would be happy to review
patches, provide guidance, even help with the UI bits if someone started the

> If VM was written in C I might be able to be more direct help.  But, it is
> written in python and my learning curve to get proficient enough would be on
> the long-side.
> Is there any chance at least some of this will be addressed sooner rather than
> later?

As mentioned above, anything that's a bug and makes virt-manager crash or
complain should get fixed ASAP and I'm willing to help with that. Feature
additions will generally require someone else to push them.

- Cole

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