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Re: [virt-tools-list] how to virtualize an ancient 2.2 kernel

Am 17.10.2012 02:53, schrieb Cole Robinson:

> Your guest config up thread looked fine AFAICT. But then I've never tried to
> run a kernel-2.2 VM.
> The OS type in virt-manager for linux 2.4 vs. generic isn't going to make much
> difference either.
> Maybe try switch the CPU model to some older type CPUs pentium2 etc, whatever
> was common around the time of that release. Perhaps also try switch domain
> type="qemu", occasionally kvm can interfere with things.
> Barring any of those, I'd try and build a qemu command line by hand that
> reproduces the issue, confirm with latest qemu, and mail qemu-devel about your
> issue.

Thanks for your suggestions, Cole.

As you may have read already I was able to solve that issue by enabling
DMA for that virtual IDE-drive.  This helped to fix the performance

Thanks, Stefan

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