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Re: [virt-tools-list] usb-redir

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:45 PM,  <weber zackbummfertig de> wrote:
> hello,
> i built on gentoo a kvm machine with virt-manager.
> i ahve already running windows guests.
> now i want to use the USB-REDIR.
> but i have no plan how to do.
> i would choose TCP and not SPICE, cause i dont use spice.
> when i add USB-REDIR to a machine with TCP, i should enter an HOST-IP and
> Port.
> do i have to enter as Host-Ip the IP of the machine where KVM is running? or
> the ip of the windows guest?

Just entering a host and a port isn't really going to make the magic
happen. You need something that's going to grab that USB device and
pass along data as it flows across the USB bus. The TCP choice is when
you'll setup your own usbredirserver on your local machine. But to
answer your question, its the IP address and port where your
usbredirserver is running which is attached to your USB device. This
would be your local machine but an IP address where the remote VM host
machine (not guest) can talk to your local machine.

> next step i want to connect with a laptop via rdp to the windows guest, and
> want to use the connected usb stick from the laptop in the windows guest.

RDP is a completely different beast and has nothing to do with USB
redirection. Look at the help for rdesktop. The best thing you can do
is forward a mounted path to the Windows machine. You're also using
the screen sharing support from the guest operating system by using
RDP. Not the virtual graphics hardware like VNC/SPICE to KVM would do.
KVM supports VNC (which you'd have to configure the USB redirection as
TCP since VNC doesn't natively do USB redirection) or SPICE which will
handle all the USB redirection for you.

Basically, you're mixing technologies which don't work together.

Doug Goldstein

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