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[virt-tools-list] vga passthrough


im using kvm with virt-manager and i really like the interface you provide.
but i would like to know if there is a way to supply a romfile to a passed through
device like shown here.

VBIOS ROM access
To re-run the POST procedures of the assigned adapter inside the guest, the proper VBIOS ROM image has to be used. However, when passing through the primary adapter of the host, Linux provides only access to the shadowed version of the VBIOS which may differ from the pre-POST version (due to modification applied during POST). This has be been observed with NVDIA Quadro adapters. A workaround is to retrieve the VBIOS from the adapter while it is in secondary mode and use this saved image (-device pci-assign,...,romfile=...). But even that may fail, either due to problems of the host chipset or BIOS (host kernel complains about unmappable ROM BAR).

thank you in advance

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