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Re: [virt-tools-list] rpm spec file problem

On 04/02/2013 02:10 PM, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 01:48:31PM -0400, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
As I stated in a previous message, I have a problem doing rpmbuild
-ts with the tarball created for virt-manager.  This problem
predates the gtk3.2 branch since it also occurs with
RELEASE-0.9.4-1.  I know what the problem is but not why it is
happening or how to (acceptably) fix it.

I have my own rpm build tree (like most folks do).  However, I like
my source and spec files grouped and not in one big pile. Therefore,
I have an .rpmmacros file with the following specified:
     # %_sourcedir is where the source code tarballs, patches, etc. will be
     # placed after you do an "rpm -ivh somepackage.1.0-1.src.rpm"
     %_sourcedir     %{_topdir}/%{name}-%{version}

     # %_specdir is where the specfile gets placed when installing a
src.rpm. I
     # prefer the specfile to be in the same directory as the source
tarballs, etc.
     %_specdir       %{_sourcedir}

and the problem is that I specify %{_topdir}/%{name}-%{version}
although it could have also been
with the same results:
rpmbuild -ts virt-manager-0.9.4.tar.gz
error: Unable to open
/home/gc/devel/rpmbuild/SOURCE/virt-manager/virt-manager.spec: No
such file or directory
with %_sourcedir     %{_topdir}/SOURCE/%{name}

rpmbuild -ts virt-manager-0.9.4.tar.gz
error: Unable to open
No such file or directory
with %_sourcedir     %{_topdir}/%{name}-%{version}

I have run this way for years and have never had a problem with any
other package so I must conclude that it is something about the
virt-manager.spec file that is causing the problem.  It may be a
problem with rpmbuild it it is only with the virt-manager.spec file.

Anybody have any ideas?

One solution that is not acceptable is to remove %{name}-%{version}
You know this is not actually doing what you think it is because you
have created a chicken+egg problem. When you do "rpmbuild -ta" RPM,
RPM has no knowledge of what %name and %version should be when extracting
the .spec files from the tar.gz. As a result you'll see it has actually
created a directory literally called "rpmbuild/%{name}-%{version}" and
put virt-manager.spec there.

$ rpmbuild -ta src/fedora/virt-manager/virt-manager-0.9.5.tar.gz
error: Unable to open /home/berrange/rpmbuild/virt-manager-0.9.5/virt-manager.spec: No such file or directory
$ ls ~/rpmbuild/
$ ls ~/rpmbuild/%\{name\}-%\{version\}/

Evidentally when it then tries to run the build, %name and %version
be expanded causing rpmbuild to look in "rpmbuild/virt-manager-0.9.5"
for the spec file, which is obviously not where we just saved the

I don't know why this works for some archives and not others though.
I'd expect all of them to be broken with the way you configured your

I have no idea which some packages work. I have realized that it is not %_sourcedir that is the problem. No, it is %_specdir and if a package does "work', the spec file is put in "%_topdir/\%{name}-\%{version}"

So, the solution is to specify %_specdir %_topdir/SPECS or let it default which is the same thing.

Googling around, I find that other folks are also using this configuration based on something Mike Harris did years ago. The may be worth an RFE to the rpm folks but, for myself, I am going to use %_topdir/SPECS and move on to other things.


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