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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-manager gtk3 and virtinst merge now on master branch

On 04/03/2013 08:40 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
The virt-manager gtk3.2 branch has now become virt-manager master. Previous
master is now on a 0.9-maint branch, if we ever want to do bug fix releases of
the old 0.9 series.

Since virtinst has been merged with virt-manager, the virtinst master branch
has been emptied except for a simple readme. There's now a 0.6-maint branch
which contains the previous virtinst master.

So the next virt-manager release will definitely be gtk3 based!
So, this will now be toe basis for future releases. Any idea as to whether this will be 0.10.0 or 1.0.0? Regardless, I have a couple of suggestions/comments.

1. virtcli/clicongfig.__version__ is still 0.9.4

2. I prefer and suggest that, instead of this hardcoded value for version which requires a git-commit, tags be used. Therefore, I suggest that such a tag be used now the set the base.

3. Add a "modifier" to indicate what the current release-marker tag is. This could be something like,,, ... or 0.10.0-dev1, 0.10.0-dev2, and 0.10.0-rc1, 0.10.0-rc2, ... to provide more info about that the current "HEAD" is/means. Then an tag or fixed version-id of 0.10.0 or 0.10.1 would be the "release" version-id. BTW, my versioning patch strips off anything prefix/postfix added the the version-id with a "-".

BTW, maybe the version-id for this new development branch should be "0.9.99" which then could become "0.10.0" upon release. An alternative is the development branch being something like "0.99.0" which then could result in "1.0.0" as the release-id.

4. One of the objectives with my versioning patch is to implement unique version identifiers to support snapshots. In my v1 of the patch, if the version_id is a "release" version-id, then only the version-id is used. Otherwise a snapshot identifier of ".gityyyymmdd" is used. Based on what I saw in autobuild.sh, maybe I should use ".git<now-seconds>. This release-id or snapshot-id is used in the tarball name as well as being set for the "@VERSION@" in virt-manager.spec ... comments/suggestions?


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