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[virt-tools-list] Debugging TLS connection between virt-viewer and libvirt running on separate hosts

Hi all,

I’m running libvirt 1.0.4 on one host (Ubuntu 12.04), and virt-manager/virt-viewer on another (FC18), and using TLS to secure the comm’s between the hosts. I was able to get virt-manager to connect the the hypervisor host via qemu+tls method, but virt-viewer will not connect (either invoked from the “Show the graphical console” option on virt-manager’s VM window, or by invoking virt-viewer directly.) Both fail with a generic error (virt-manager’s view console says “viewer connection to hypervisor host got refused or disconnected”) but does not give a more explicit error. I did a tcpdump, and the trace does show the client machine connecting to TCP port 16514 on the hypervisor host, which is owned by the libvirtd daemon. From what I can see in the packets from that dump, it looks like the endpoints are exchanging certificate info, but of course the session is encrypted, so can’t really see what else is going on… Is there a way someone can give me to debug the communications for either the client or server side? (There’s nothing being written to logs as far as I can see.)



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