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Re: [virt-tools-list] Missing networks & Virt-Manager

On 08/01/2013 03:31 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
> You'll need to be more specific, how did you previously define these virtual
> bridges? Using that same virtual network wizard or the interface wizard or
> something else?

All of them were created using virt-manager (on a fresh system).  It's
very easy to recreate:

1- Create the network: choose name, network-range, dhcp & choose:
Forwarding to physical network --> Any Physical device --> NAT

2- Redo the above steps for other new network and you won't see the
bridged listed on the "Destination" list box.

> Also, does sudo virsh net-list --all or sudo virsh iface-list --all not show
> the added devices?

Once you create the service, when you perform virsh net-list it appears
there.  It's just the list-box mentioned above that doesn't show it
unless you restart the system (or service that I'm not aware).

> Doesn't sound familiar to me. Not sure where to file a bug though: not the
> upstream virt-manager or libvirt tracker since you are using older versions,
> and the centos tracker likely won't produce a fix.

I know it's old but it's the latest that's out there on RHEL.  I'll try
it on RHEL later and I'll report back.


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