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[virt-tools-list] Feature requests for virt-viewer windows port

Hi there,

I apreciate very much the hard work from red hat/fedora developers on this, spice looks amazing (defintely much better than vnc) but when you have easy to use graphical admin tools for proprietary hypervisors (and the now open-sourced XenServer) managing a KVM/RHEV host is very hard.

At least, the virt-viewer (remote-viewer) port should either embed a ssh client or use an external putty under the covers (like Xming does), and work with both ssh keys and password auth directly from the connection dialog (which today is non-existant, just "type a URL")

And it should be able to get the spice TCP port from libvirtd, instead of having the user find and provide the correct port on the host for the desired guest. It should be smart enough to setup a ssh tunnel if needed or ask for tls certificates if it can't find them.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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