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Re: [virt-tools-list] [Spice-devel] Feature requests for virt-viewer windows port

On 08/26/2013 06:46 PM, Fernando Lozano wrote:
Hi Alon,
So you want to access the guest or the host? If the guest, that's exactly what I meant, since spice doesn't have any other connection except to the host, i.e. the process running the spice-server (qemu/qemu-kvm).
I want access to the guest consoles, which means spice connections to the host. But I want those connections secured either by TLS or SSH. So far can get only plain insecure spice connections from a windows workstation to the kvm host.

Hi Fernando,

You should be able to use secure ports both on  Linux  and on Windows.
This can be done by specifying the secure channels either on the spice-server side (qemu-kvm -spice command line option), or on a the client side (with spice-gtk >= 0.20). If you only provide a secure-port (and no insecure port), all channels are secured.


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