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Re: [virt-tools-list] Virtual web server accessed from Internet and eith access to internet

Dear Cole,
I do not agree. I suppose that is the virt problem as it allows to create 2 types of virtual networks.
1. Allows access to internet and blocks all inbound connections from Internet
2. Allows virt machine to be connected from Internet but blocks all outbound Internet connection.
My case is I need a virtual network which allows virtual pc to be connected from Internet and allows it to connect to Internet.
07.02.2013, 01:13, "Cole Robinson" <crobinso redhat com>:

On 02/06/2013 04:50 AM, DriveIT wrote:

 Dear All,

 Could you please help me to solve my task?
 I have orginized a web server based o virtual pc. Virtal pc created with
 virtmanager. The pc has netwrk connection to routed network thus it is
 accessible from Internet. But I need some functionality to send e-mails
 through external SMTP server. The pc has no access to internet and I can't nor
 update packages nor send e-mails through external SMTP server.
 Unfortunately I have not found any article to help me to solve the problem.

Your problem is not virt specific. Try googling for 'configure local smtp
server' or some similar terms.

- Cole

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