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Re: [virt-tools-list] Emulating raspberry pi (arm1136-r2) in virt-manager?

This is looking a bit more complicated than I thought... I now understand that I can't simply define the ARM machine in xml and define it using virsh, as the CPU type (arm1136-r2) is rejected by libvirt which can't test if it's valid or not.

So I think what Cole and Martin are suggesting is that I define a dummy emulator (the wrapper script) which plays with the arguments passed by libvirt and then calls the real emulator qemu-system-arm. I had a quick go at this but I couldn't work out where to put the wrapper script. I tried putting a wrapper (qemu-system-pi - written in python) in /usr/bin, but virsh define couldn't find it.

I also get the impression that libvirt calls the wrapper during define, to validate the arguments? So these calls also have to be caught and passed to the real emulator.

Overall I am tempted to stick with my original method of simply issuing the qemu-system-arm command directly from a script, but if anyone can suggest how I can get the wrapper to be found - or point me to an example of one - then I will keep trying. Thanks for all the help and encouragement so far.


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