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[virt-tools-list] libgovirt 0.2.0


I've just made a new release of libgovirt. libgovirt is a GObject C library
to access oVirt/RHEV[1] REST API[2]. At the moment, it's able to get the list of
VMs available on an oVirt instance, and to get the connection details for
a given VM.
This release mainly consists of internal refactoring to make
it easier to support new parts of oVirt REST API, and to get it to work
with older glib versions. However, it also has minor API breaks, and
changes the library soname because of ABI breakage.

It can be downloaded from
It's signed with my GPG key:
A525 E3EA 186A AB45 DD0F  86AF 24A4 69FB 7A56 F78E

Changes since 0.1.0

- Rename OvirtVm::uuid to OvirtVm::guid to match oVirt terminology
- Break ABI :(
- Switch back to using GSimpleAsyncResult (from GTask) to gain
  compatibility with older glib versions
- Refactor internals to make it much easier to add support for more
  REST collections
- Parse more VM states from the OvirtVm resource


[1] http://www.ovirt.org/Home

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