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Re: [virt-tools-list] Problem running virt-manager 0.10.0

Hi Cole,

Thanks for the tip. I ran glib-compile-schemas and I got past that
problem. At one point, I was installing in /usr/local, but now I'm just
using the default install prefix.

I got a new error after that. A dialog box popped up and said:

Error starting Virtual Machine Manager: No module named ipaddr

I poked around and found the python-ipaddr package in my distro
(OpenSUSE 12.3). That got past that error.

I got another error about missing GtkVnc. I found the gtk-vnc package
and installed that. virt-manager starts up now! Thanks so much for all
your help!

Let me say that 0.10.0 looks very nice.



On 07/10/2013 04:23 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
> On 07/10/2013 03:58 PM, Erik Lotspeich wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thanks so much for your response. Here's the output:
>> # virt-manager --debug
>> 2013-07-10 14:57:15,641 (cliutils:75): virt-manager startup
>> 2013-07-10 14:57:15,641 (virt-manager:199): Launched as:
>> ['/usr/share/virt-manager/virt-manager', '--debug']
>> 2013-07-10 14:57:15,641 (virt-manager:200): virt-manager version: 0.10.0
>> 2013-07-10 14:57:15,642 (virt-manager:201): virtManager import: <module
>> 'virtManager' from '/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/__init__.pyc'>
>> 2013-07-10 14:57:15,753 (virt-manager:247): GTK version: 3.6.4
>> (virt-manager:20872): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema
>> 'org.virt-manager.virt-manager' is not installed
>> Trace/breakpoint trap
> That's an error from gsettings. There's two issues here:
> - python setup.py install isn't running glib-compile-schemas where it is
> dumping our schema.
> - gsettings likely doesn't know to look in /usr/local/share for schemas.
> You can try glib-compile-schemas --strict /usr/local/share/glib-2.0/schemas
> and see if that helps, otherwise you'll need to set GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR to
> that directory.
> I wonder if there's a way to not have gsettings abort in this case, and maybe
> make some recommendations to the user.
> - Cole

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