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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-manager 0.10.0 experience/feedback

----- Mensaje original -----
> Hi,
> I just reproduced the issue in #2. I started the VM using
> virt-manager. virt-manager showed me a static frame from the previous
> run of the VM (in this case, it was the Windows 7 shut down message).
> No new video updates were shown.
> I connected manually with virt-viewer and got the current video output
> (still no mouse cursor, though). Then I double-clicked that VM in
> virt-manager and virt-manager took ownership of the virt-viewer window
> (the virt-viewer session thereby ended).
> The log of the events I just described is attached. I hope it's useful.

Thanks, but we need the virt-manager log instead.

it should be easy to get with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=GSpice SPICE_DEBUG=1 virt-manager --debug

Also, I think you should open a bug with your reproducer and log.


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