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Re: [virt-tools-list] VirtViewer version scheme and Windows ProductVersion


----- Mensaje original -----
> > What is the difference between "minor" and "micro" in your naming? How
> > can it be decided or interpreted between one or the other? It is worth
> > to have some clear rule for versioning.
> micro is intended for releases that are mostly bugfixing, minor for
> releases introducing non-trivial new features, major for large new
> features or changes which are disruptive to user experiance

We haven't been following this practice closely in the 0.5.X releases.

Your definition of micro seems like it should be a stable branch of the major.minor. That would indeed make sense, if only we were doing it.

> > > > Well, upstream would have the same issue if it would have a "stable"
> > > > release of some sort.
> > 
> > You drop the possibility to make stable windows installer releases
> > upstream?
> > 
> > Or you would implement the 8 bit shifting of "minor" in the productversion
> > "build" field?
> I don't think this drops that ability at all. There is plenty of scope
> in the windows version numbers to encode even a 4 digit version number
> and a build number.  The micro numbers rarely go above 10, if we had
> a stable branch that'd be pretty unlikely to go above 10 in numbers
> so you could easily encode those two digits into one byte, leaving a
> second byte for the build number

Given that we are already talking about 0.5.7, I would say we get close to 10 pretty easily.

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