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Re: [virt-tools-list] [Qemu-devel] virsh live migration w/o shared storage fails with error as vm is not running

On 06/13/2013 02:14 PM, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 10:31:04AM +0530, chandrashekar shastri wrote:
We are testing the upstream KVM with :

Kernel, Qemu, Libvirt, Virt-Manager is built from the source (git).

kernel version : 3.9.0+
qemu version : QEMU emulator version 1.5.0
libvirt version : 1.0.5
virt-install : 0.600.3

I have followed the below steps to test the "Live migration w/o
shared storage" feature :

1. Created the qemu-img create -f qcow2 vm.qcow2 12G on the
destination host which is same as the source.
2. Started the guest on the source
3. Started the vncdisplay to monitor the guest
4. Initiated the migration "virsh migrate --live rhel64-64
qemu+ssh:// --verbose --copy-storage-all"
5. It started the copying the storage from souce to destination
(conitinously monitored it was growing)
6. Guest on the destination was paused and was running on the source
7. At some point the VM on the source shutdown and got an error on
the vnc display as " Viewport:    write: Broken pipe (32)" and the
VM on the destination was undefined.

Below is the libvirt debug log, please let me with your comments.

Debug log:
What about /var/log/libvirt/qemu/rhel64-64.log?  That is the QEMU
command-line and stderr log.

Also can you try without copy-storage-all just to see if migration
completes successfully?  The guest will act weird once it migrates since
the disk is zeroed but it will isolate the failure to
I have scheduled live migration with shared storage (nfs), looks like that is only not working properly. I have turned on the verbose it goes to 99% and sometimes even reaches 100% again comes back 96%
very inconsistent. I will update the result by tomorrow.



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