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Re: [virt-tools-list] suggestions

On 06/14/2013 12:32 PM, folkert wrote:
> Hi,
> Virt-manager is really terrific! So easy to use!

Glad to hear, thanks for the suggestions.

> Got a few suggestions:
> - add a password protection layer or user levels or extra "are you
>   sure"'s as it is now rather trivial to accidently delete a virtual
>   machine and/or its virtual disk

Not sure I follow, you have to explicitly launch a dialog, click 'delete',
then click through a 'yes this will delete your VM and all its storage'.
That's 3 levels of protection really.

> - add management of iSCSI and NBD to the user interface (NBD has named
>   exports these days)
>   - maybe integrate/connect-to storage management interfaces
>     There was some project going on for creating a generic interface for
>     storage systems. Can't rember what it was. Did a 1 minute Google.

Libvirt has basic ISCSI management via storage pools, and NBD access via
<disk> XML. We really don't expose much for either in virt-manager, but that's
not intentional, just no one has done the work.

Though any management we would do would go through libvirt, so support would
be needed there if you wanted something new.

> - when you need to select storage and a logical volume was created on
>   the commandline, then virt-manager needs to explicitly be refreshed.
>   maybe add this refresh-button to the selection-screen as well as
>   currently you have to navigate back the overall configuration screen

Yeah this has been a pain point for a long time. What I'd really like is for
libvirt to just refresh mostly automatically, like if timestamps changed on a


Something similar might be possible for lvm as well.

> - create some kind of button which opens the overall config-screen (the
>   one with storage, networking, etc.). personally I did not find double
>   clicking on the pull-down title (the one above the guests with e.g.
>   "localhost (QEMU)" in it)

Interesting idea, but I would say most virt-manager users never have any use
for the 'connection details' screen, so not sure if it warrants a toolbar
button. I also can't think off hand how a button would distinctly represent
'host details' and not confuse people into thinking 'vm details'.

You can also access it through the 'view' menu and right click on the
connection row, so there are a few access points.


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