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[virt-tools-list] USB redirection in virt-manager console viewer


I am interested in having USB redirection working through spice in virt-manager console viewer, just as we have in virt-viewer today.

Anyone ever touched this? Is this something that should be accepted by the virt-tools community? Any pointers on how this should be implemented? I know almost nothing about spice protocol right now and I was not able to figure out much from the virt-viewer code (seems that most part is implemented in spice-gtk).

BTW, I was wondering: it seems that virt-viewer and virt-manager console viewer shares lots of features, although they have a completely different code base. Any thoughts on making them share the same application with different python wrapper scripts? I know this is a big change for virt-viewer, as it is not written in python, but I was wondering about what virt-viewer has today that is not available in the virt-manager console viewer and couldn't think of much (probably by lack of experience from my part).

Best regards,

Leonardo Garcia

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