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[virt-tools-list] virt-viewer keyboard handling

Hi list,

I am not that new to using libvirt and friends, but now
is the first time I am really using it more extensively...

I have now successfully set up libvirt-1.0.6 using spice-gtk
and virt-viewer from current git on a Debian wheezy amd64
system with Windows 7 64 Bit as a guest, and everything is
fine except some small (configuration?) thing I would like
to change:

I am using gnome classic and have some virtual desktops
(workspaces) set up between which I can switch with

This does not work when the focus is on the virt-viewer
window, and I did not figure out if/where I could configure
this, neither whom I should blame for it? Is it virt-viewer,
is it spice, or even a misbehaviour of gnome as the window

I tried googling around, but either I am alone with this
wish or problem, or I missed the right search string.
Can anybody give a hint, what I should do or where to
look further?

Best regards,

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