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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-viewer keyboard handling


----- Mensaje original -----
> Hi list,
> I am not that new to using libvirt and friends, but now
> is the first time I am really using it more extensively...
> I have now successfully set up libvirt-1.0.6 using spice-gtk
> and virt-viewer from current git on a Debian wheezy amd64
> system with Windows 7 64 Bit as a guest, and everything is
> fine except some small (configuration?) thing I would like
> to change:
> I am using gnome classic and have some virtual desktops
> (workspaces) set up between which I can switch with
> <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Cursor-{left,right}>
> This does not work when the focus is on the virt-viewer
> window, and I did not figure out if/where I could configure
> this, neither whom I should blame for it? Is it virt-viewer,
> is it spice, or even a misbehaviour of gnome as the window
> manager?
> I tried googling around, but either I am alone with this
> wish or problem, or I missed the right search string.
> Can anybody give a hint, what I should do or where to
> look further?

The spice-gtk display widget will take a global keyboard grab when the pointer is over the display and has the focus. This is to pass those key bindings to the guest, so the guest WM can handle them. Usually, a window manager will not handle bindings when a window has the grab, so you will have to leave the focus from the spice display to release the grab. If you are in fullscreen with virt-viewer, you can reach with the pointer the top auto-hide bar, and use your WM keybindings for example.

If you don't want spice-gtk to get the grab, you can set the SPICE_NOGRAB=1 environment variable.

Hope that helps

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