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Re: [virt-tools-list] forgot "open virtual console" password

Am 27.06.2013 19:14, schrieb Cole Robinson:
On 06/27/2013 08:06 AM, cwo dainst de wrote:
Hi @all,

short description of our situation. We have taken over an old installation of
a red hat server with a kwm-virtualization-environment. Thera are severals vm
running without any problems. We have root-access to the kvm-host-system and
the vm-systems. But:

We are using the virt-manager to control the vm (which works perfectly). We
can not access the button "open virtual console" - it is protected with a
password, which we dont have (it is gone with the fired administrator). Is
there a solution, how we can reset this password or an other way to get this
virtual console running?

Do you mean like a spice/vnc password? It will show up in

sudo virsh dumpxml --security-info $vmname

But if the password is inside the guest it's outside the scope of this list.

- Cole
Perfect, it works. Thanks.


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