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[virt-tools-list] virt-manager and virtinst merged, branch available

Hi all,

There's a new gtk3 virt-manager branch available:


The major changes here are:

- virtinst has been merged, and the build changed to install it non-publically
in /usr/share/virt-manager
- autotools has been dropped in favor of python distutils and
- Rebased on latest master

Hopefully that first bit doesn't come as a shock, since it's been mentioned on
list several times, some motivation previously outlined here:


The branch seems to be working fine modulo a few minor bits. building an RPM,
installing, and running the test suite where heavily affected by the changes
but they seem to be in good working order.

Sometime this week I plan on cutting a final release of virtinst and gtk2
virt-manager, at which point this new branch will become virt-manager master.

If anyone wants to help out, there's plenty of things both large and small
that need doing. Check out the todo list here:



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